South March Highlands South March Highlands tree
porcupine from the South March Highlands

At Rovell, we are accutely aware of the damage that mankind as a whole is inflicting on the environment.

Our environmental activities include:

Actively supporting the South March Highlands - Carp River Conservation group who are looking for alternatives to save what is left of this unique environmentally sensitive and ecologically important watershed and old-growth area in Kanata North.

Installation on our home-office of 8.6 Kw of Solar Generating Capacity feeding the Ottawa Hydro Grid. Since installation in mid December 2011, this facility has generated over 35 million kilowatt-hours of clean renewable energy - representing about 24 tons of carbon offset or the equivalent of 600 trees!

Particpating in forums and discussions on energy alternatives, in imagineering, and in actions for sustainibility worldwide.

Writing, publishing, training, and speaking on enviromental issues and corporate social responsibility





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