Einstein pointed out long ago that we can’t solve a problem using the same line of thinking that created the problem in the first place. What if we said, “we can see this is not working, that things are getting worse, not better, on this path, and we need to change direction”? What if we changed some of the rules?


Rovell has shown competence in applying new technology and ancient wisdom, using straight-forward planning and application tools, guided by imagineering and strong ethics. Together, we need to build the best world that we can imagine. This means whole systems thinking and whole brain thinking. So we are involved in creative activites from novel writing to photography to teaching ballroom dance. We walk the environmental talk with alternative energy planning and use, together with advocacy and research for environmental solutions and land-use planning. We are advocates and change agents in the whole critically important area of education and training.

Since 1981, Rovell has been pushing the envelope and imagining new ways to accomplish goals, whether business goals, training goals, or personal goals. And our prefered mode of operation is through collaboration ....


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